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Monika Marchewka

Bistro Bar WuWu
Plac Konesera 1, Warsaw

The artwork of Monika Marchewka is soberly landscape painting, with the intention of entering deeply into the extraordinary world of nature. The artist's works are dominated by lush landscapes, raised with their magnificence over light female figures, which the painter softly entwines in the thicket of trees, vines and grasses. Each of the paintings presents a scene as light as a dream through which the viewer looks into nature, but also into the essence of female life and emotional duration in it. On the canvases, the artist subtly marks a woman's existence in relation to the scaled external world, while emphasizing the strength of seemingly fragile female silhouettes that have tamed the untamed nature by merging with her. In her works, the author skillfully creates the atmosphere of suspension, stopping the moment of sinking female sensitivity in endless nature. The 2018 series of paintings presented at Bistro Bar WuWu is a painterly capture of the moment when it seems that everything else can happen or everything has just happened. The expressive power of female feelings dissolves in the vast landscapes. Monika Marchewka created icons in the convention of thematic understatement - they are like a broken plot of a romantic story, the ending of which everyone wants to hear, but unfortunately must add them himself.

Monika Marchewka
Born in 1988 in Chrzanow. Painter and animator. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow in 2013. There studied under the tutelage of Professor Zbigniew Sprycha. After graduadion she became one of the painters in movie Loving VIncent. Lives and works in Gdańsk.